Home educating during uncertain times – April 2020

We are all living through extraordinary times; times of fear and anxiety, times of loss and sickness, times of financial disaster and daily uncertainty. On top of all of this, schools have closed indefinitely in the UK and elsewhere, and home education has been thrust upon already overloaded parents. While I know teachers are doing their utmost to provide some continuity, the day to day education of our nation’s children is now firmly the responsibility of us parents (though surely this is true at any time?).

Even for those us who normally home educate our children, we are having to adapt to the times. It is not easy.

However, there are opportunities within this. As I have chatted briefly to friends (at a distance) on our daily walks so many have said that, despite the multitudes of challenges, they are enjoying having a slower pace of life and being able to spend more time with their children.

We cannot know what the future holds, but we can do our utmost to make the most of this unexpected and unwelcomed season.

As we mull over some of our own struggles and share a few practical solutions, we hope we can encourage you as we all journey through this time together.

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