Education at home…a different philosophy

View from William Shakespeare’s schoolroom

Home educators have coined the term “de-schooling” to describe the change in philosophy and approach to learning which needs to happen if a child is transferring their place of education from school to home. This doesn’t mean that one is wrong and one is right, but that they are different. There would usually be weeks and months for this to happen, but in 2020 Lockdown you don’t have that luxury. We’d love you to gain a glimpse of the joys of home educating, to develop a gentle rhythm and experience the wonder of watching your children delight in what they are learning. Home ed is not an easy option for any of us, requires daily sacrifice and stretches most of us beyond what we had thought was our capacity. But for many of us it is worth it!

So we hope this short conversation might help any of you doing this for the first time to navigate this change of mindset. And for those who are full time home educators … keep going! It is very different now, but you are helping your children to put down deep roots which will enable them to cope better in the further storms of life.

Previous episode on various educational philosophies

Molly’s blog post about our visit to Shakespeare’s school room

and an example of child led relaxed learning during lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Education at home…a different philosophy

  1. Hello, I wondered if, say someone was interested in Homeschooling, which 5 short books you would suggest they read? I am open to both old and new suggestions, however I am hoping for short easy reads. (lazy time-poor me). I am encouraged by what you are doing as I am sure are so many other families. – kindest regards Roland from Australia.

  2. What a great question…thank you! Most of my home ed books are pretty short as I also think I’m more likely to get through a quicker read! We’ll put our heads together (over the airwaves of course) and come up with a list. Sounds like a good topic for a podcast, too. Will get back to you soon. Thank you. Molly. 🙂

  3. Hi again Roland,
    Sorry for such a delay in getting back with a list…covid struck our household, but we’re on the mend now. My favourite book is called “Whole hearted learning” by Clay and Sally Clarkson, but it’s a very long read! “How children learn” and “How children fail” by John Holt are first reads. “Seven myths about education” by Daisy Chrisodoulou has been recommended as highly thought provoking and slim! Form a Christian faith perspective “For the children’s sake” by Susan Schaeffar McCauley is slim and explains the Charlotte Mason approach used by many homeschoolers. “Brave learner “ by Julie Boggart is another one. Happy researching!

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