November Lockdown

We will no doubt all feel differently towards this second, winter lockdown. For some, it might be a welcome respite, a time with a slower pace in an often hectic life; for others it may hold huge anxiety with concerns over finances / increased pressure at work / family tensions. For many of us, we may feel somewhat heavy hearted at the thought of not seeing family and friends for yet longer.

We were not made to live in isolation and part of the life blood of home educating is the fun and learning we do with others. However, as home educators, we are by nature a resilient and resourceful bunch of people, strong enough to live life daily against the general flow and creative enough to educate each of our our children individually. We can, to a certain extent, set the tone of our homes for this next season.

So, come and join us as we share a few ideas as to how to lift the atmosphere of our homes during the next few weeks, and encourage each other to make the most of this time.

Some further thoughts from Molly’s blog

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