Supporting each other

Today we’re looking at how we get support for ourselves, as home educating parents. We’re aware that the rise in families deciding to home educate has coincided with a time of isolation for us all. This is not how it usually is, and for those of us who have been treading this path a while we have missed our network of friends, but know they are all there, waiting for us. However, for those of you at the beginning of the journey, it might feel quite lonely; it has been so much harder to meet up and make new friends.

But….hang on in there! There are lots of other like minded families out there, and there are ways to connect. Listen in as Helen tells us the inspiring story of how our local home ed group began, almost twenty years ago, and we suggest ways we can develop our own home ed friendship groups. We hope you’ll all be encouraged to reach out, and that many more grass-roots support networks will develop across our nation.

A great start would be to sign up to the Learn Free Conference

Launching at the conference will be Streams a site to equip, empower and connect home educators.

For those new to home ed a few of Molly’s blog posts here, here and here might be encouraging.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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