Planning for a new school year

Welcome back friends! How has your summer been? Have you had a change in rhythm, been away or caught up with friends and family? It’s been a busy couple of months for both of our families; maybe trying to squeeze two years of socialising into six weeks! However, it’s been fun and full and we are now starting to think towards the new academic year.

We got together in real life, to record the first podcast of this new season…season 5! Do join us as we look forward to the year ahead and share some of the ways we plan for and celebrate a new term. We’d love to know any special rituals you have. As always let us know via this site, or on Instagram or Facebook.

It’s great to be chatting with you again… pour yourselves a cuppa and listen in!

Check out Molly’s blog for a few more pics and a downloadable weekly planner or listen again to our episode where we talked about teaching different ages together.

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