Easter surprises and an exciting announcement!

Have you come across the Miss Read books? I’ve been a fan of hers for years, and her semi autobiographical novels chronicling the daily happenings in a small, rural, two teacher school during the 1950’s shaped my own vision for our “home school”. In “Village Diary” she writes,

I, for one, am always glad to see the end of this most miserable of terms. In it we endure, each year, the worst weather, the darkest days, the poorest health and the lowest spirits. But now, with Easter in sight, and the sun gaining daily in strength, the outlook is much more heartening.

This certainly resonates with me, and I always feel my spirits rising as Easter approaches bringing with it longer days and warmer weather. In keeping with this optimistic outlook we are reminiscing today about some of the hopes we held as we started home educating, how these have found fulfilment, and also some of the many unexpected surprises along the way.

We also have an exciting announcement… so make yourselves a cuppa, listen in and be encouraged!

If you’d like some Easter inspiration…

– Here’s one we did earlier…a previous podcast of Easter Traditions , with some useful links.

– Also some of Molly’s family Easter traditions, mainly in pictures here and here and here

Find out more about the story behind our new book here

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