Another Way to Learn? Chapter 1 – The early years

Over the next few months we’re going to be taking a gentle amble through “Another Way to Learn?” We’ll introduce you to each chapter and it’s author and reflect on our own home educating experiences around the topic.

This week we’ll introduce the lovely Jessica Girard, who writes beautifully on the early years of home educating. Grab a cuppa and listen in to how Molly’s and Jessica’s paths crossed, find out a little more about her life with little ones on the stunning and fascinating island of Guernsey and join our trip down memory lane as we remember those long ago times with little ones.

“Another Way to Learn?” Book clubs

Why not invite some friends to read long with you? It doesn’t need to be anything formal; possibly an evening for some blissful child-free time. If this is difficult to arrange, you could meet during the daytime and catch what snippets of conversation you can while the children play. Each chapter stands alone and you could use them as springboards to discuss your own wins and challenges in that particular area, share ideas, be inspired and encourage each other. We’d love to hear how you get on… let us know via this website, Facebook or Instagram.

Check out Jessica’s Instagram account, delightfully curated and packed full of ideas and inspiration. The pictures used here are all hers – we’ve included more pictures than is usual for our blog to give you a taste.

And finally, we talked about our “whys” in the last episode (something Jessica picks up on) and it inspired Molly to put hers down in picture form. You can find them on her blog here.


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