Another Way to Learn? Chapter 2 – The Teen Years

I wonder what springs to your mind when someone mentions teens? And then home education and teens in the same sentence? Maybe it’s lengthy conversations as you discuss life, values, ideas, current affairs and faith around the dinner table, accompanied by good food, music and candle light. Maybe it’s standing for hours on a cold sports pitch showing up while your teen gets caked in mud; maybe it’s trying to block out loud and jarring music; maybe it’s a houseful of laughing young people, overflowing with interesting concepts, deep questions and quick quips. Or, maybe it’s battling with mental health concerns, trying to walk in dark places alongside your teen, determining to champion them even when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand.

Maybe you are living the highs and lows of the teen years now, or maybe they are yet to come. Whatever your point in this journey, Dr Kat Patrick, home educating mum of four, speaker, blogger, teacher and CEO of Dreaming Spires Home Learning has written a fantastic chapter inspiring us to explore delight-led learning during the teen years.

Join us as we chat through some of our own home educating experiences during the teen years, both past and present. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Another Way to Learn? or to order it from your library. Maybe you could read along with some others, or gift it to someone as a Christmas present.

However you approach these teen years , we hope you are encouraged to make the most of this unique season in your child’s life.

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