A Family-time Quiz Evening

We’ve all been looking for ways to make the days varied and interesting during these strange you-can’t-get-together-with-friends-as-normal times. Recently our (Helen’s) family held a “Quiz evening” and this is how:

Each family member wrote one round of the quiz, with just five questions per round. It could be on any theme or none. We had a brief chat about making the questions thought-provoking and possibly hard but not impossible. We thought a bit about how someone’s favourite topic might throw up questions too esoteric for anyone else to enjoy trying!

A couple of the rounds used Powerpoint slides so that pictures could be used, or a list of options shown.

When it came to running the quiz, we decided to work in pairs. This helped encourage both the youngest – with their comparative lack of general knowledge – and Grandma who is the only one who hasn’t read “Harry Potter”!

Everyone got a chance to be Quizmaster and run their own round. At that point they were also the final arbiter on allocation of points. Some rather enjoyed wielding this power…

What can you ask questions about? Some children find it hard to come up with 5 questions out of the blue so you may like to help them think of a theme. Suggestions could include:

  • A recent book the family has enjoyed
  • A place you all enjoy visiting
  • Personal family history
  • Sets of three items to put in order of size or age
  • Complete the song lyrics
  • Something you’ve recently studied in history, geography, science etc etc
  • Name the artist / composer
  • Photo round – take extreme close-up pictures in your area and see who can identify the object

At the end, all the marks can be totted up and a suitable award handed over – whether that’s a hearty round of applause or an extra chocolate at treat time! And then you can get a chance to practice being gracious in defeat and/or start plotting how to get your own back next time with harder questions…

Would a quiz evening go down well in your family? Do let us know how you get on.